Announcement 2021 IIJL World U15 Lacrosse Championship

As the final age-category under International Indoor Junior Lacrosse (IIJL), the 2021 IIJL World U15 Lacrosse Championship (WU15LC) will take place November 11-14, 2021 and will be hosted by the Haudenosaunee. 

On schedule for a 2021 launch, the IIJL World U15 Lacrosse Championship will proceed as planned despite the disruption of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

The U17 and U15 world championships were originally scheduled to roll-out in consecutive years, 2020 and 2021 respectively. "2021 will be a busy year" commented Gewas Schindler, Haudenosaunee and Tournament Chair for both the 2021 WU15LC and 2021 WU17LC. "We are excited to host each of these championships, providing players opportunities to develop and compete on the world stage."  

History will be made as the 2021 IIJL World U15 Lacrosse Championship will be the first ever international best-on-best box lacrosse world championship in the age category. 

"We are very excited to provide this monumental opportunity for American box lacrosse player." said Graham D'Alvia, United States. "The IIJL World U15 Lacrosse Championship, in addition to U17 and World Juniors, will accelerate the development of American players." 

The introduction of the fifteen and under age category is the final phase of long-term international box lacrosse growth for International Indoor Junior Lacrosse. 

"Moving forward, the first summer of 16U, formerly known as Midget, will be very exciting for Canadian players." said Chris Fox, Canada. "After competing in their first year players will then be eligible for the CLL Draft and potentially be selected to represent Canada at the IIJL World U15 Lacrosse Championship." 

The IIJL and Member Nations will continue to work with Participating Nations to finalize the line-up and schedule for the 2021 WU15LC while maintaining communication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with and developments regarding the 2021 event calendar. 

The IIJL World U15 Lacrosse Championship (WU15LC) is the third and final age category endorsed by International Indoor Junior Lacrosse (IIJL) as an annual world championship. Players who have turned or will be turning 15 years of age and young, in the calendar year of competition, will be eligible to play at the 2021 WU15LC. For more information about the IIJL World U15 Lacrosse Championship visit

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