The IIJL Makes Name Amendments to Two Championships

Member Nations of International Indoor Junior Lacrosse (IIJL) unanimously voted in favour of amending the titles of two (2) championships. 

On January 3, 2022 the IIJL World U17 Lacrosse Championship and IIJL World U15 Lacrosse Championship were amended to better reflect the age of the players participating. "With the abbreviated sequence of U, representing "Under", and number, representing age, the championships were not properly represented as players who we 17 and 15 were participating in those championships, respectively." said Graham D'Alvia US Indoor Lacrosse - United States. 

While the options motioned were 17U or U18 and 15U or U16, it was unanimously voted to go with the latter. "This puts us more in-line with other international championships, namely hockey, which helps us gain interest among general sports fans." said Chris Fox Canadian Lacrosse League - Canada.